Demo: Greener Grass

by Charlie McCarron



You're okay with livin' poor
You think it saves the Earth
You get high on clipping coupons
Like your mother taught you first
You go on about the merits
Of an independent purse
No more asking for a handout cause you're fine
Without me

You're okay with all the space
That cleared up in your bed
With a blank, white cloud beneath you
There's room to rest your head
No storm brewing beside you
Just a billion distant stars
And a billion different futures all
Without me

Me, I've got problems
More than a few
But I never seen 'em laid out in bullet points
'Til I met you

You tell me you will never love
An angry, bitter man
Who leaves his can of soda
Half-empty in the fridge
So when did all the good things
Get swallowed by the bad?
'Cause your memory's sharp when picking apart why you
Despise me

Me, I've got problems
More than you think
But greener grass grows with a garden hose
If you work out the kinks

You're okay with love again
Cause you found yourself a man
He treats you like an angel
And he fits into your hand
But one day you will leave him
This vanilla pudding guy
And you'll wonder how you ever spent your time
Without me


released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Charlie McCarron Minneapolis, North Carolina

Charlie McCarron writes and produces music, videos, and the podcast Composer Quest.

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