Gold in the Streets of Albuquerque

by Charlie McCarron

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I wrote this song "Gold in the Streets of Albuquerque" from the perspective of Walter White, the nihilistic druglord of the Breaking Bad series. I can't wait to see how the final episode turns out!


There's gold in the streets of Albuquerque
I saw it with my own two gleaming eyes
Millions and millions for the taking
Are you the one who's gonna scoop it up?

You look at me like I'm some kind of devil
But I've got mouths to feed after I'm gone
If you don't catch this train with me
Someone else will do the deed
Someone else will make the devil proud

You know what it takes to be the sheriff
A quicker draw than any man around
But the wild west forgets who shot the outlaw
The desert wind don't care who's right or wrong

We ain't in the business of making money
We ain't in the business of taking lives
But we came here to build ourselves an empire
We came here to live before we die

Who are you to speak judgement upon me
From where I stand your hands are red as mine
But you can keep believing what you need to
Everybody needs a little lie

Are you the one who rides out on a stallion
Off into a hero's setting sun?
You'll never need your gold again
So bury what you can, my friend
I can help you lay your troubles down

There's always a new life round the corner
Always a ticket out of town
When you're feeling emptier than ever
I know how to make you disappear

I ain't in the business of taking lives
I ain't in the business of making money
But I came here to build myself an empire
I came here to live before I die


released September 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Charlie McCarron Minneapolis, North Carolina

Charlie McCarron writes and produces music, videos, and the podcast Composer Quest.

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